Posted on 16 February 2017

If you’re like me, you need a cup of coffee every single morning in order to function for the day, and possibly several other cups throughout the day. No coffee, no workee- ya feel?

Whether you live in Scottsdale or Tempe, there are coffee shops all around. Venture out and try something other than your normal Dutch run. I love Dutch, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about local coffee shops that I just adore. The aesthetic, the lighting, the cute little foam art.

I love the atmosphere at Lux Central. It’s a great place to meet with your friends, work on some assignments, or just hang out solo. Luxe has a variety of coffee options and they roast their own beans. They also have an ever-changing menu with the best mac and cheese you’ve ever had, as well as pastries, wine and beer. 

Everything at Lola Coffee makes you feel right at home! The coffee is hand roasted and the pastries are homemade, and the shop hosts poetry nights. Try your hand and some haikus and grab some coffee. You won’t be disappointed!

Cartel is a real winner. I’ve been to both the Scottsdale and Tempe locations and although both have a different feel, they’re both worth the stop because their coffee is to-die-for! Opt for the Tempe shop for darker lighting and good vibes. Head to Scottsdale for a more bright and airy environment.  

If you’re a fan of cold brews you need to try Royal Coffee Bar. Of course, they have other amazing drinks too, but there’s just something about their bottled cold brew. Stop in to grab one when you’re on the go and are in need of some daily fuel! It’s in a great location and is popular among the college crowd.

Coffee + alcohol + live music? Have you ever heard of a more perfect combo? Sip Coffee & Beer House is a cozy hotspot with a full drinks menu so everyone has an option. Unwind with relaxing music and some espresso while you work.

Speaking of coffee, you know what would go really well with that latte? Our Coffee tank! It perfectly sums up what coffee does for us. It’s basically an attitude adjustment in a mug. Shop it now on :)  

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