Posted on 30 March 2017

It’s that time of year again! You all know what I’m talking about; it’s time to take on the dreaded task of cleaning out your closet.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be such a drag. Think of it this way, it’s an excuse for you to go shopping and replenish your wardrobe. (At least that’s what I tell myself). It’s also an opportunity for you to make some extra cash.

A lot of places take your old clothes and re-sell them. The perks? You can either get store credit for what they take or take the cash.

Every place looks for something a little different. Some places are in desperate need of more jeans, some need more accessories. However, most places are looking for lightly worn items that are in good condition. Extra points if you have any designer items. Call ahead and find out what they’re looking for!

Here’s a list you can take your clothing to:

  • Buffalo Exchange
  • Plato’s Closet
  • Uptown Cheapskate
  • My Sister’s Closet
  • Clothes Mentor

Whatever they don’t take, feel free to donate! There’s someone out there who would be so grateful for that comfy pair of sweats you haven’t worn in forever or that super cozy striped sweater that still has the tags on it. You’ll feel so good after to knowing that one item in your closet could brighten someone’s day.

Places you can donate clothing to: 

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Goodwill
  • Salvation Army
  • Your local food and clothing bank

Happy spring cleaning lovelies!


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